House 2 House- Fall 2019

Join us for an 8 week interactive House 2 House experience. H2H is a great place to connect and grow.

  • Grow Spiritually through discipleship,

  • Grow relationships through community and discover God's purpose for your life.

When do House 2 House groups begin?

House 2 House groups kick-off the first week of September.

What is a House 2 House group?


Life Devotional groups: 2-10 people who meet to read the Bible together, write their journal, and share their devotion with the group.

Care Groups: 3-20 people who meet generally in a home. The groups have prayer, fellowship and Bible study. These may use resources like DVD teachings or Spiritual growth type books.

Interest/Hobby Groups: These groups include sports groups, hobby groups - any group that has a common affinity andpassion. These group also include prayer and devotion time.

How do I sign-up for a H2H?

Visit our H2H booth after service and connect with a leader to find the best group for you. You can also sign-up below for a group.


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